Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This movie made me cry and all, but had many things that bothered me.
In this movie the guy was arrested just because of superficial evidence based on witness. There was not real evidence he hanged her, sexually harassment or the murder weapon with his fingerprints to prove he killed the girl. It was all based on what the witness said and police said.
Also bothered me how every prisoner was portrayed later as a nice and kind guy.
How they let a little girl live inside prison for days- something bad/dangerous could always happen – but of course it wouldn't in this movie.

One of the best movie ever! You can literally feel your heart clench. It makes you want to treasure everyone around you. The movie can really set you to that particular mood that makes you reflect about your life. This is really an all time favorite kind of movie. So funny and sweet. It was really sad and unfair how he died.